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PICK #25 - Bob Arnold
Bob Arnold
Age: 18B/T: S/L
Born: Kingsville, ON
Position(s): P (SuA)
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- Drafted out of Denby High School in Detroit, MI
- Signed on 5/12/09 to a minor league contract with a $1,7500,000 signing bonus
- Assigned to Rookie League

THE GOOD: Bob Arnold, the son of Kevin Arnold who was featured in the real life documentary, "The Wonder Years" in the 80's, will initially start out in a set-up role and could possibly branch out to a long-relief roll. Though his 4-seam fastball will not have a ton of velocity behind it, Arnold will find creative ways of using the pitch to deceive his opponents. He will most likely use it with his potentially above-average curveball to keep hitters guessing. With the possibility of masterful control of his pitches, Arnold could be a reliable pitcher in the majors. If he hits his projections, he will be a force against left-handed hitting. If the Apaches have good defense, Arnold will be invaluable to Albuquerque as a ground-ball hitter.

THE BAD: He will have a tough time against right-handed batters, which is obviously the dominate side of the plate that pitchers face. He will require a good bit of time to recover from his outings due to his low durability rating, and he will be spending a decent amount of time on the disabled list. His make up will grow as he matures in the minor leagues, but it will not be the best facet of his game.

RECAP: Arnold would be best used as a left-handed specialist if he makes it to the majors. He will be dominant in that role and could compliment the Albuquerque full-time bullpen.

Toronto Kids in the Hall
(no picture available)
- Drafted out of Southern High School in Eden, NC
- Remains unsigned

THE GOOD: Cruz has the potential to be an absolute stud set-up man or closer, if he hits his projected numbers. He could potentially have master control over his projected above-average sinker and good curveball. He will also sport an decent change-up. He will have his share of injuries, but it will not be a constant problem. He will be able to recover fairly quick from his outings.

THE BAD: His make-up will disturb his progress through the minors, and he will not be a very patient pitcher. He doesn't feature a fastball at all in his arsenal, and as a pitcher with a good change up, he doesn't have an overpowering pitch to pair that to.

RECAP: Cruz could potentially be a perennial all-star pitcher if the organization brings him up through the minors slowly. He very well could have a major league career ERA of between 2.00 and 3.00.

Esmailyn Bennett
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Round Rock, TX
Position(s): P (SP1)
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- Drafted out of Hyde Park Baptist High School in Austin, TX
- Signed on 5/12/09 to a minor league contract with a $1,570,000 signing bonus
- Assigned to Rookie League

THE GOOD: Bennett will feature a dynamic fastball that's sure to keep hitters guessing. He will most likely be used in a middle-relief or set-up capacity with his stamina rating, and will have above average control of his pitches. Bennett will also have a decent slider as well as a palmball. He will be pretty healthy in his career and is already almost peak shape. He will be one of the most patient pitchers out there and will be able to keep fairly focused when it counts. He will be a groundball pitcher, though he will end up giving up his share of home runs as well.

THE BAD: His splits are not the best, and the Wings are counting on his control to make up for that. He will not be extremely durable and will need the occasional long-reliever for a spot start late into the season.

RECAP: Bennett will be a decent number two or three starter for the Wings. His control of his fastball, slider, and palmball will help him through the season, but he will have a fair share of four and five-run outings.

Kirt Sherman
Las Vegas
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Tulsa, OK
Position(s): 1B/LF/DH
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- Drafted out of Bishop Kelley High School in Tulsa, OK
- Signed on 5/12/09 to a minor league contract with a $1,470,000 signing bonus
- Assigned to Low A

THE GOOD: Sherman will be dynamic against left handers, with a projected 92 rating. Sherman will also display above average power with a fantastic batting eye. He will not strike out often. Sherman still has a lot to learn as far as his baserunning skills, but if he hits projections, he will be a master on the base paths. He will have his share of injuries, but it will not happen extremely often.

THE BAD: Sherman's range is about five feet. The Gamblers will want him nowhere on the field unless he's running the paths offensively... even then, he will be very slow. His durability will be somewhat suspect, so as he's conditioning in the minors, he will see his share of resting time on the bench. His make up will get the best of him, as he will not be very focused while in the minors.

RECAP: Sherman will have a long way to go if he ever hopes to make it to the majors. His make up will hurt his progress, but if he can stay focused, he has a chance of putting up at least 25-35 home runs a season. He will be a power threat.

Norfolk Southern
(no picture available)
- Drafted out of University of Missouri
- Remains unsigned

THE GOOD: Alvarez will be a defensive star in center field with his great range and fantastic glove. He will be able to play 95% of the season with his high durability rating and will not be an injury threat to the Southern. Alvarez also possesses very good speed.

THE BAD: Defensively, Alvarez will have some trouble throwing to home on any play and will not be very accurate. His lower make up rating may hamper his progression in the minors. Offensively, he will have a below average contact rating, and his worst rating is his batting eye. He will see a lot of strike outs in his time.

RECAP: The only way that Alvarez will make it to the major leagues is based on his defense. His low batting eye will make him an easy target for pitchers to strike out. The only position he could possess with a team is for a defensive replacement. I have a feeling that the Southern will not sign him.

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