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Lance Ford
Age: 18B/T: L/L
Born: Bedford, TX
Position(s): P (SP1)
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- Drafted out of Carrolton Christian Academy
- Signed on 5/12/09 to a minor league contract with a $3,160,000 signing bonus.
- Assigned to Low A

THE GOOD: Ford will end up a number one pitcher for Pawtucket once he hits his prime. He will have incredible control of all five of his pitches. He features a great fastball that will have some great velocity behind it, a slider that will have great movement, and a change up, screwball, and split finger fast ball. He will induce a lot of ground balls, and as long as Pawtucket has a great defense on the infield, Ford will excel. A great commodity in being a left handed pitcher, Ford will excel against left handed hitters. He will still do well against right handed hitters, though. His make up will be a great asset to Pawtucket in case Ford needs to be sent back down to the minors for more experience. His health will be an asset to Pawtucket as well, though he will hit the DL every once in awhile.

THE BAD: There isn't a lot that's bad with Ford's game. His durability leaves a little something to desier, and he's not going to be the most patience guy in the world, but that explains most of human existence.

RECAP: Ford will be a force to be reckoned with and could possibly end up with a Cy Young Award down the road.

Huntington Healeys
(no picture available)
- Drafted out of University of Houston
- Remains unsigned

Unfortunately, I have no ratings for Hal Bristow

Glen Winchester
Age: 19B/T: R/R
Born: Angels Camp, CA
Position(s): P (ClA)
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- Drafted out of Seminole State College
- Signed on 5/12/09 to a minor league contract with a $2,970,000 signing bonus.
- Assigned to High A

THE GOOD: Winchester features two great pitches, with his slider and change-up being his two focused pitches. Both require skill and determination to master, and Winchester will do a great job with both of them. He will be near dominant against right handed batters and will be close to above-average against lefties. His slider will have great velocity, and his change up will keep the opposition guessing what will come at them next. He will not require a lot of time in between outings, and his high patience and make up ratings will help him stay calm in tense situations.

THE BAD: Salem will need to make sure that Winchester is complimented with set-up and long-relievers with good stamina since his own will not be high. His outings will need to be quick, as his stamina rating will not get any better. He is more apt to give up the longball in his outings, so he will see his a few home runs given up.

RECAP: Winchester is going to be an outstanding closer for the Scrubs, as long as they can manage his outings correctly with his supporting staff.

Ismael Belliard
Age: 18B/T: L/L
Born: Buffalo, NY
Position(s): P (SP1)
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- Drafted out of The Gow High School in South Wales, NY.
- Signed on 5/12/09 to a minor league contract with a $2,880,000 signing bonus.
- Assigned to Low A

THE GOOD: Belliard is slated to be a fantastic pitcher. He will be a number one or number two starter on the Scrubs staff, with his masterful control and devestating four-seam fastball and circle change up. His fastball will not be a fast one, but with his control, he will be able to place that pitch wherever he wants. As well, he will be able to place his curveball, slider, and forkball with ease. Belliard will be able to ease some of the burden off the bullpen with his high stamina rating. He will also be a healthy pitcher, requiring little to no time on the disabled list. He will be decent against batters on both sides of the plate, but his control will make up for that.
THE BAD: Belliard will require rest in between starts and will definitely need a little more rest as the season wears on. He will not be the most patient pitcher in the league, but with his projected higher make up rating, his patience level will be offset a bit. He may be ejected a time or two due to his temper as well.

RECAP: Belliard will be a great pitcher in this league, and 7Mickey7 should welcome him. He will have some fantastic outings, and the Scrubs are guaranteed some complete games from him. Belliard will be a strong addition to the Scrubs.

(no picture available)
- Drafted out of Northwest High School
- Remains unsigned

THE GOOD: Potvin is going to be an exceptional hitter, featuring high power and contact ratings. Those ratings, coupled with his average vs. right hand rating, will make him a strong batter in the 7Mickey7 league. He will see his share of strikeouts, it will be a moderate amount. He will show some patience at the plate as well as in pressure situations.

THE BAD: The major concern with Potvin is going to be his health. With a projected 58 rating, he will see his share of potentially serious injuries which will garner him some major time on the disabled list. He remains unsigned, even though he's only asking for slot money, so this, to me, makes it seem that Monterrey is concerned about this portion of his game.

RECAP: When healthy, Potvin will put up great offensive numbers. He is potentially a 40-50 home run hitter and will most likely hit between .285-.300 for his career. He will have his share of .300 + seasons.

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