Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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- Drafted out of Stanford University
- Remains unsigned

THE GOOD: Drafted out of Stanford University, Bierboldt is slated to be a very good starter for the Maulers down the road. With an above average stamina rating, Bierbold will be able to pitch through the seventh inning on several occassions for Chicago. He will have average control of his pitches, and will do very well against right-handed hitting. He will be pretty good against left-handed pitching as well. He features an above-average forkball and close to above-average curveball to compliment. He finishes out his arsenal with a slider, four-seam fastball, and change up. He will be a very healthy addition to the Maulers pitching staff as well.

THE BAD: Flat out... he is going to be a hot-head. He will have low patience, low make-up, and a hot temper. The Maulers will have to monitor his development and make sure he's ready for the next level before he is promoted... otherwise, they could stunt his growth within the organization. He has a long way to go on developing his curveball and may not hit the projection. His low durability will keep the Maulers organization monitoring his stamina throughout the years.

RECAP: The Maulers will have to be careful with Bierbold as he develops in the system. If they develop him the correct way, he will be a great pitcher for the Maulers for the long haul.

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- Drafted out of Woodbridge High School in Norco, CA
- Remains unsigned

THE GOOD: This talented shortstop will be lighting up the basepaths for seasons to come! He will have a huge bat for the El Paso franchise, if signed, and he will dominate left-handed pitching. He will be strong against right-handed pitching as well. Though Jarvis will require a couple of days off a season, the Mules will not have to be worried about injuries from Jarvis, as he is slated to be in unbelievable shape for his career. He will have some speed behind him as well. If you're looking for the consumate professional, Jarvis will be it. He will have a pretty level head when it comes to his temper, and he will be pretty focused on the task at hand when in tough situations. His patience may get the best of him here and there, but overall, he will be mentally strong. He will be an average defenseman.

THE BAD: His contact and batting eye ratings are what will keep him him from being a silver-slugger, unfortunately. He may have the power, but he won't have the average. Don't get me wrong, he will be hitting betweeh .260-.285 every season, but I'm not sure he will be one of the most dominant hitters in the game. Though he has some speed, he will make some poor decisions running the bases with his low baserunning rating.

RECAP: Jarvis was almost selected by the Maulers with the first overall pick, but the team's committment to improving pitching over the next few drafts took priority over a hard-hitting shortstop like Jarvis. The Mules picked a great player who may set records for home runs for years to come.

Brooks Hatfield
Washington D.C.
Age: 21B/T: S/R
Born: Luverne, MN
Position(s): 2B
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- Drafted out of University of Southern California
- Signed on to a minor league contract with a $3,820,000 signing bonus.
- Assigned to Low A

THE GOOD: Hatfield will have a long career in the league with his high health rating and durability rating. He will require a day off here and there, but what player doesn't? His high make up and temper rating will ensure that Brooks will be calm and collect on the field no matter what the situation. He will be dominant against right handed pitching and is sure to be making good contact without striking out an exorbitant amount. He will have his share, but he won't have any 100+ strikeout seasons. Hatfield will hit around 15-20 home runs a year with his power rating. If he hits his projections, he will be extremely smart on the base paths. He will be an average defenseman at best.

THE BAD: It's too bad he won't have more than the speed that he currently has, or else he could have been a major threat on the base paths. Though he will have just under the average range that a second baseman requires, he will not have the best glove in the world.

RECAP: Hatfield will be an every day second baseman when he hits the majors. He's good enough to start in AA or AAA now, but D.C. has decided to bring him up the ranks slowly. He will be a strong addition to the Crooks organization.

Zeus Rollins
Age: 20B/T: R/R
Born: Cloudcroft, NM
Position(s): P (SP1)
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- Drafted out of SUNY - Morrisville
- Signed on to a minor league contract with a $3,720,000 signing bonus.
- Assigned to Low A

THE GOOD: Rollins is most likely going to be used in a middle relief roll with his stamina but will be called to make a spot start or two. He may be best used in a tandem roll with a strong middle reliever as well. He will have above average control of his four pitches. He will be throwing his above average fastball, and has a strong split finger fastball and slider to compliment his bread and butter fast ball. A combination of the three will be used to enduce a good amount of ground balls as his projections tell us. He uses a change-up to round out his list of pitches. He will be a healthy pitcher in his career, but his durability is a little low, which will have Cincinnatti watching his stamina through the season. He will be focused in tough positions with his projected make up rating. He will be a decent fielding pitcher as well which will help for bunts and hits that are going his way.

THE BAD: Even though he will do decent against right-handers, his vs. left is a little bit lower. This will not be a huge concern for Cincinnatti since his control will help to make up for that rating. He will not be as patient as the Chili would like, but his make up rating will help counter his low patience rating.

RECAP: Rollins is a nice addition to the Chili staff, and he will be in the league for years to come. He will not be a Cy Young winning pitcher, but he will be an integral part of Cincinnatti's bullpen.

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