Saturday, May 16, 2009


Wichita Wimps

Rich Hill - purplehaze

Screen name: purplehaze54

Real name: Rich

Age: 54

Current Residence: Newburgh, IN

Born in: Marion, KY

Occupation: Roll Grinder (work at aluminum plant)

Single? Married? Kids?: Been Married 35 years to the same woman - hard to believe anyone would want me that long! I have 2 daughters - my oldest daughter who is 30 lives in Indianapolis and she's breaking me by getting me to go to the Colts games with her. (ticket scalping is not illegal in Indiana and you pay dearly!) My youngest daughter who is 27 lives just up the road from us with her fiancee and her grandson who is 4. He's my buddy!

How long have you been in HBD? I've been in HBD since it started; I followed several of the SIM guys on over to HBD when it was created.

What season did you join 7Mickey7? Been in since the 1st season.

What drew you to HBD? I really enjoyed playing SIM and just thought I'd try HBD when it started. Since then, I've been hooked!

What condition was your team in when you took over? My team was actually pretty decent when I got it but I did make some bad moves trying to improve my team. I didn't have a good set of prospects that I can remember but the ML team was decent.

What are your plans for your team this season? I would like to repeat as champs again but if the season goes like the 1st couple of weeks have been going, I don't think that's gonna happen. Last season, I don't recall having but one All-Star but the team just played great; especially in the playoffs. I hope to add some more players to the All-Star team and win my division.

Prediction for your team? The way BBMogul's team has been playing, it's gonna be tough to catch up to him.......for any of us. We have a tough division with Fregoe, Simsoxs, and BBMogul but if my team can start hitting the ball, we can catch up and take over.

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