Friday, May 1, 2009

Rumor Mill

Outburquerque? - It is believed that the Alburquerque Apaches have already decided to pack up for the season and look towards the next. My inside sources tell me that most of their team is on the block and that the team is looking for young starting pitching in return.

"The Apaches have had a very successful existence, having had winning seasons in seven out of the last eleven seasons," my source indicated. "They're playing just under .500 ball, so I wouldn't expect drastic changes just yet."

What owner "thedudeno7" will do remains to be seen.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey - Rumor has it that the #1 prospect in the Chicago Maulers organization is on the trading block. Fonzie James apparently is log jammed at the LF position in the Maulers organization behind Spud Daly.

"We are deep at the left field position, and we feel that there are other needs within our organization that we need to take a look at," Maulers owner "sharkyaz" claims. "We are neither confirming or denying that James is on the block... but he really is..."

Take my money... PLEASE! - It's rumored that the Oklahoma City Cowboys are dangling Brandon Epstein, Emmanuel Valdes, and Cookie Rosado in an effort to get top tier young prospects.

"I'm told that the Cowboys are looking to take younger prospects that, in the long run, will ensure long-term success for the club," my source told me. "They're looking to lessen their payroll in order to get younger as well as go after higher paid free agents as they look towards next season."

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