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Sorry guys, I do not have ratings for pick 20...

Harry Francisco
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Liberty, TX
Position(s): SS
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- Drafted out of Rayburn High School in Pasadena, Texas.
- Signed on 5/12/09 to a minor league contract with a $2,390,000 signing bonus.
- Assigned to Rookie League

THE GOOD: Francisco will be a dynamic defensive shortstop who will own left-handed pitching. Defensively, he will have a wide range with a strong arm and even better accuracy. He will feature an above-average glove, which is sure to help him to a lot of Gold Gloves in his career. Though he will need a couple of days off per season, his durability will help him to play in more than 130 games in the season. He will be a strong hitter against left-handed pitching. He will be patient at the plate and will make a good amount of contact with the ball.

THE BAD: The weakest part of his game will be his batting eye, especially considering his extremely low rating against right handed pitchers. He will be a slug on the base paths, and he has a long way to go in learning how to run the base paths safely.

RECAP: Francisco has a long way to go to reach his potential, and with the right management, he could blossom into a great defensive prospect. He will be a force against left handed pitching, but will that be enough to garner a starting spot on a team? He will see...

Seattle Earthquake
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- Drafted out of Central Missouri State
- Remains unsigned

THE GOOD: Spruill will settle in to a starting roll once he develops and will feature an above average sinker and slider. His change-up will be an affective third pitch in his arsenal.

THE BAD: I'm not too sure that Spruill will make it into the big leagues, and I think Seattle realizes this, which may account for why he has not been signed. He may also be holding out due to the chance of choosing football over baseball. His durability will not get any better, and is very low. He does not feature very good control, and his splits are not great. Though he fares better against righties than lefties, I'm not sure his make up or durability will make him attractive to potential suitors. He will be, at best, a fourth or fifth starting option, or he will be a right handed specialist. He will need a decent amount of rest in between outings.

RECAP: It's hard to say if he will make it into the major leagues, and his lack of durability will hamper his use in a bullpen. Though he has an upside of great pitches and could eat some innings for a team, I'm not sure that he will make it into the majors.

PICK #23- Ken Davis (P)
Ken Davis
Age: 20B/T: R/R
Born: De Soto, WI
Position(s): P (SP2)
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- Drafted out of Western Wisconsin Technical College
- Signed on 5/12/09 to a minor league contract with a $1,940,000 signing bonus
- Assigned to Low A

THE GOOD: Davis, at only age 20, is not all that far away from reaching his potential and his possible debut in the majors. He will most likely be used in a tandem or a long-relief pitching role with the occasional spot start to give someone a break. Davis will have a close to above-average control of his pitches, which include a four-seam fast ball, decent slider, and the added change up, curveball, and cutter. Davis is already in good shape, so his health will not be all that much of a concern to the Wimps, though they will have to monitor his arm due to the lower durability rating. As long as the Wimps can establish a good defense, Davis' ground ball rating will come in very handy for the Wimps as he will induce his fair share full.

THE BAD: Though Davis will be a health player in his career, the Wimps management staff will have to give him a little extra time off due to his low durability rating. He will feature a little bit of a lower rating against hitters, but the control of his pitches may make up for the low rating.

RECAP: Ken Davis could see his way into the majors in about three to four seasons and will most likely be a B-side long reliever. Only time will tell how he will fare against the opposition.

PICK #24- Jeff Dawley (SS)
Jeffrey Dawley
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Brownsville, TX
Position(s): SS
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- Drafted out of Bay City High School out of Bay City, Texas
- Signed on 5/12/09 to a minor league contract with a $1,850,000 bonus.
- Assigned to Rookie League

THE GOOD: Dawley better build additional shelves in his new house due to the amount of gold gloves awards he will be showcasing on them! Dawley is projected to be an outstanding defensive shortstop, with an amazing range and arm strength rating as well as his throw accuracy. Though his glove isn't going to be as great as the other facets of his defensive game, he will still have a great one! He will be able to withstand the length and rigor of a full major-league season once he gets to the peak of his conditioning.

THE BAD: He is not going to be an offensive force... by any means. His low contact rating, low power rating, and low batter's eye is not going to be helping offensive prowess. He has below average speed, so this aspect of his game will not help him in his quest to the majors.

RECAP: At best, Dawley will be a defensive superstar with no place in the heart of a line-up. For those teams that need timely defense, Dawley will fit right in. He will most likely be a defensive replacement off of a team's bench.

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